Dmitry Lepokhin

Odessa, Ukraine
5.1 Score: 5.12/10
4 Languages





Skill Summary

  • Web & Programming
  • Design & Media
  • Business Services
  • Sales and Marketing


“I have come across a lot of freelancers who would do it for money. There is a special DNA who is passionate about the work they do and Dmitry has that DNA.“ Not just drawing pixels, but thinking about business side of thing. I’ve been working in web design and development sphere for all conscious life. Started as a designer, than working 3 years as a web hosting support manager and client service manager I am currently spending 80% of my working time managing different digital projects. Ask me about branding, User Experience and UI, GIT or Wordpress vs Tumblr - I have something to say. I am up on latest industry trends as well, and always improve on allied subjects.

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Cleaning website optimisation , 2016

Worked with client to create a web site to sale services and boost conversion. All done from web design to Wordpress implementation. Results achieved, quote from Linked In: " His work for has allowed the website to rank #1 on Google Search results, and increased revenue by $1MM USD in the short span of a year."

Promo site for UAV , 2016

Created promo site for Ukrainian UAV. From building wireframes to front-end development and backend implementation.

Teampaper SaaS

Built an SaaS service from concept to production. Currently continue working on it. Consists of web version + Mac OS X application.

Web & Programming

Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10
Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 10 / 10

Sales and Marketing

Strength: 8 / 10

Design & Media

Corporate Identity
Strength: 8 / 10
Graphic Design
Strength: 8 / 10
Logo Design
Strength: 8 / 10
Product design
Strength: 7 / 10
Web Design
Strength: 10 / 10

Business Services

Business Consultancy
Strength: 9 / 10
Design Thinking
Strength: 9 / 10
Project Management
Strength: 10 / 10