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Lahore, Pakistan
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Hi Everyone, Currently you are looking at very professional PhP Developer. I have been working in PhP for more than half a decade and developed various kinds of websites for my clients. Very much fluent in verbal and written English communication and client’s satisfaction is my first priority and can work with dynamic hours for long term relationships. High performance applications and quality code is what I deliver. I had experience of working with millions of user records and created real-time reports by following advance MySQL database techniques. And yes I have experience of handling millions of requests per day for public announcements. Also worked with No SQL Mongo DB for special purposes. And had recently got some flavor with NodeJs applications. Do look into my project lists for details. Very much comfortable with HTMLand CSS fixes keeping in mind media queries and have excellent knowledge of JQuery, JavaScript and MySQL. Will share live portfolio website soon. Just come up and arrange some meetings and I am sure you will find right guy for your work. Looking for long term and full time jobs as bidding is very painful task. You can add me on Skype (adeelahmadrao) and let’s plan to rock.

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Pepsi Cricket Fantasy , 2010

It was my first ever fantasy game and learned a lot in building that app. At that time we implemented this fantasy game enriched with JQuery animations mainly for team selections. There were almost 45k users registered within a period of 3 months and we after taking match live feeds update user scores to declare daily, weekly and monthly winners. Same game was launched for ICC T20 World Cup 2012.

Pepsi Cricket Stars , 2011

I was only person responsible for this Pepsi Cricket Stars E-Media campaign. This website was mainly making it possible for interested candidates to follow schedules for their cities. A facebook avatar making application was also integrated with website to attract and engage users. This app won PAS 2013 best campaign of the Year award in Cold Beverage Category.

Wilson&Co , 2011

Wilson and Co was a team based project which was involving 2 team members for development. This was not eCommerce website, this website was just displaying our client’s products for display. This display was composed of types, categories and details of each product.

Web & Programming

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