Budapest, Hungary
3.4 Score: 3.44/10

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  • Web & Programming


Hi, My name is Laci, from Hungary. I am an Electrical engineer, programmer - as professional and freelancer. I am happy when I can help or teach someone. I prefer long-term project but you can hire me for shorter ones also. I am an active freelancer more than 2 years (you can find me on upwork and freelancerDOTcom also) Programming languages: C, C++, C#, SQL, PLC ST language, python. Devices: PLC (Beckhoff), Raspberry PI (Win10 IoT core, Raspbian), RFID Operation system: Windows, Linux (embedded also), Windows 10 IoT Teaching: Raspberry PI (you can find me on udemy) Research fields: - Home automation - lighting, building engineering, heating/cooling, openHAB - PLC (Beckhoff, Codesys) - HVAC controlling and TCP communication, - RFID (UHF) programming in C# (.NET) - product monitoring, - Cloud service (Microsoft Azure) - virtual machine managing, remote services, - Windows CE programming (handheld devices), - Raspberry PI (Linux - Raspbian, Windows 10 deploy) - teaching, programming in python (RS232, RS485, TCP communciation), Wi-Fi settings, openHAB - Embedded linux and programming Freelancer experiences: - I have experience with remote programming and helping (via Teamviewer, skype, or SSH) - I can make new program/configuration for your or I can help with debugging or settings. - I prefer hourly basis payment with milestones. - I can speak in English and Hungarian (magyar). You can find me on tutor site (buddyschool) or online course site too (one of mine: Surveillance camera with Raspberry PI)

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Web & Programming

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Raspberry Pi
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