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Kaliningrad, Russia
2 Languages
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Web & Programming


Our team has 13 years of experience in creation of technically complex, high-loaded projects and websites. We carefully study each of the projects. And prepare technical documentation, prototypes, UC, R&D studies, advise our customers and provide technical ser
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Web development

Web development

- Created a site on Ruby on Rails and Angular; - Video decoding, the ability to change video and audio streams, merge, encode and assemble into mp4; - Preparing video for playback via the HLS protocol; - Using APIs for technical text and audio overlays; - Creating packshot based text, pictures; - Optimization of background video processing; - Use of paypal and stripe payment systems.

Invent realty

Invent realty

-Created a site on Ruby on Rails; -React/Redux frontend, interacting with the API; -Automate the indexing of data from the Intrum CRM system in Elasticsearch; -API for easy interaction with data from Elasticsearch; -Used Elasticsearch both to search for objects, and to improve the response speed; -Implemented server-side rendering for SEO optimization; -Integration of real estate with Yandex maps.

- Created tables in EOS Database with use of multi-indexes for storage of presale participants; - Implemented smart contracts on the EOS platform with the following functions: - Testing of written smart contracts; - Raised own private EOS Blockchain for testing; - Implemented a script on Ruby for blockchain rebuilding and testing smart contract of pre-sale together with a custom token.


Web & Programming

total average: 10/10


Data Modeling10/10

Ruby on Rails10/10

Twilio API10/10

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