Vilsheim, Germany
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• PhD Biochemistry with 4 years experience in the production of human blood-derived products to international GMP • 13 years experience • Leadership of projects:  1. Engineering human mesenchymal stem cells towards progenitors for cardiac repair  2. Regulatory Affairs: Pathogen inactivated blood compounds – design the entire documentation for manufacture license (Phase 3)  3. Design and development of hygiene management tools (ISO 9001)  4. Validation of production documents for human stem cells, cornea and blood-derived products • Organisation of internal inspections (ISO 13485) • Working for several years in the GMP production field:  6 months- GMP manufacture of human stem and cornea cells  4 years- GMP manufacture of human blood-derived products and regulatory affairs  1 year- 2D-SDS PAGE & MALDI-TOF approach for identification of new selenoproteins from anaerobic cultures  1 year- scale-up studies with microencapsulated cells in small bioreactors (plant, insect and human fibroblasts)  5 months- quality controlling of antibiotic’s production (nystatin, penicillin, streptomycin)  5 months- scale-up studies with small bioreactors microbial culture for finding the optimal growth parameters

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Sales and Marketing

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