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Goshen, United States
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I'm one of the most award-winning copywriters in advertising and have held executive creative positions in New York at great agencies. COMMENT ABOUT ME FROM ADVERTISING AGE MAGAZINE: "With no fanfare or publicity, this creative problem-solver is assigned projects to solve - sometimes without even the knowledge of the primary agency. His work is virtually always kept from the public." REVIEWS OF MY POPULAR BOOK - THE SECRETS OF SUCCESSFUL CREATIVE ADVERTISING "What creative wouldn't want to get his hands on this book? .... What you need to know about creative ... Just go get the book!" - Brad Forsythe and Ray Schilens, hosts of The Advertising Show, sponsored by Advertising Age Magazine "Tom's book rocks! It tells you how to create advertising that succeeds - reliably! Read it if you want to create or buy advertising that makes more money!" - Doug Hall, author of the book Jump Start Your Brain and a Procter & Gamble marketing executive Service description: Skill Categories: Copywriting (Website Copy, Television commercials, radio commercials, print advertising, Press Release, Speeches

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