Las Palmas, Spain
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Hi there and thanks for reading my profile, I assume I am applying for a job or perhaps a single assignment at your place, and since I am, I might as well start with a short overview of my marketable skills and experience. I can do tons of stuff, for example I can do funny stuff on computers, speak Japanese faster than natives (which is not the same as better) and write academic essays like a university professor. I have taught sociology and history at a high school level, written textbook chapters on IT, a BA dissertation on encryption, an e-book on Japanese history, translated old political texts from Japanese, proofread academic essays, put up websites, written research reports on banking, managed a small car rental service (which turned in a handsome profit I might add), been a tour guide, translated all sorts of material between Icelandic and English etc. For the past year or so most of work has been related to Japan in one way or another. I have collaborated on small assignments with leading world authorities in their fields including Forbes, NHK, Payoneer and more.

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