Tijuana, Mexico
3.0 Score: 2.98/10
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Interested in creative applications of Technology, Programming, Sound, DSP, Acoustics, Art, Multimedia, Surf. Worked with Engineering Design, Microcontrollers and Embedded, Max MSP, Matlab, PureData, Ableton, MaxForLive, Algorithms, Synthesis, Art exhibitions and installantions.

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Processing - Audio FFT, Circle Harmonics , 2015

Using Processing, a programming platform for creative output, I used a spinning Fast Fourier Transform of the sound fed into the software. This sound was produced in Max MSP and is composed of harmonics that are becoming active and inactive as 1s and 0s, resulting in a binary composition.

Audio NuPIC DMX , 2015

Audio Processing to analyse input from a Microphone, and run a Machine Learning algorithm called Hierarchical Temporal Memory, on it. This analysis results on a prediction of the next bit of sound input, that can deduct its anomaly, i.e. how anomalous the audio is being. This system triggers sounds and controls DMX lights based on such anomaly.

Android WiFi Pinguino Control , 2014

This new version of the Pinguino Control project makes possible Wi-Fi control of a Pinguino Development board (it uses a PIC32) from and Android device. The project takes advantage of the Wi-Fi capabilities the MOD-WIFI module provides.