Bangalore, India
2.1 Score: 2.14/10

Skill Summary

  • Web & Programming
  • Business Services
  • Translation
  • Writing


A great idea came in to your mind, and you converted that in to the application. But still you are not satisfied, your application is not as per your imagination, your requirement. Or it is working fine but not as the way as it should. Your application is not attracting end users. So who can help you now?? An expert QA professional. I will help you in bringing your application on track, I will tell you where your application functionality deviated from which you have planned or imagined. I will tell you where end user are having issues in using the application, where it is confusing, complex and clumsy for them. Great application are driven by not only creation. it requires "Destruction" as well. Because a creator of the application can not find his own flaws, you need a "Destructive creator" to find out those flaws well before end user find them so that you have a rightly working application.

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Portfolio , 2015

An LMS application, created test cases. Tested application for usability, functionality and also automated using selenium java webdriver, junit, Ant.

Magento based eCommerce Application , 2015

Created test scenarios, Test plan, Test cases for payment gateways giftcard, credit card, paypal. Automated application using selenium IDE,

Selenium framework , 2015

Selenium framwork created by me. -Execute scripts on chrome, IE, Safari and FF -Take screen shot -Record video of script execution -Generate HTML report -Email HTML reports to your email id

Web & Programming

Software Testing
Strength: 10 / 10


Strength: 10 / 10

Business Services

Project Management
Strength: 10 / 10


User Guides
Strength: 8 / 10


Microsoft Powerpoint