Eindhoven, Netherlands
3.3 Score: 3.3/10
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  • Web & Programming
  • Design & Media
  • Writing


Creative and Original Once I served as a guide to give secondary school students a sense of Industrial Design. At one point we were supposed to let them experience a brainstorm session of a hypothetical project. From experience I know that absurd and funny ideas are great to kick-off a brainstorm session with, as they allow you to escape conventional thought. To get the creative juices flowing I came up with a couple pretty weird and unrealistic ideas. Slowly but surely this cascaded into a flow of original and creative ideas from all the participants. The result was a productive and funny brainstorm session; a perfect example for the secondary school students. Inquisitive I like to know a bit of everything. A couple years ago I ‘discovered’ that reading books is the key to knowledge. Every single book taught me the degree of my ignorance. The books inspired me to start writing myself. At Industrial Design I became an editor for the magazine ‘The Unid’, which was written for the students, the staff and the external community of Industrial Design. Before being an editor I usually wrote my vision on design, technology, society and science, which I still enjoy the most. Those visions started small and personal, but grew to a raw form of an essay. What I love about reading and writing is how everything seems to add-up. It’s fascinating to uncover how everything in the universe -and our knowledge of it- seems inter-connected. Go-Getter and Bold In the middle of my Bachelor I decided to live now and not tomorrow. I felt this was the moment for me to take-off. To do something completely different; to experience absolute freedom; to challenge myself to be independent; and to expose myself to something completely different from Europe. I decided to travel solely through East Asia. I didn’t know life could be so sweet! Hitchhiking with locals, hiking up volcanoes and through jungles, and being stuck in a place with other travellers is simply amazing. I learned that if you're bold enough you can go anywhere.

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Web & Programming

Strength: 3 / 10
Strength: 3 / 10
Strength: 3 / 10
Strength: 1 / 10


Article Writing
Strength: 5 / 10
Non Fiction Writing
Strength: 4 / 10

Design & Media

Graphic Design
Strength: 4 / 10
Strength: 3 / 10
Product design
Strength: 3 / 10
Web Design
Strength: 2 / 10