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Bletchley, United Kingdom
2 Languages
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Web & Programming


We are very much a technology company. We do this because it is our passion and we believe in it. When we are not busy coding for our clients we develop our own products and contribute back to the Drupal scene. We have but a few laws that governs our entire d
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GINA - Drupal 7 Development for WHO

GINA - Drupal 7 Development for WHO

The World Health Organization has entrusted us to do regular maintenance and bug fixing of the Global database on the Implementation of Nutrition Action (GINA). Throughout the project we have focused on the ArcGIS - Apache Solr integration which was displaying incorrect results. We have developed a CSV export functionality, provided essential maintenance and server side security and support.

Blottr was a Drupal based citizen journalism platform. I have been involved in developing it from the first line of code. It was originally based on Drupal 6 but later upgraded to Drupal 7. The project vision was ambitious, to enable any citizen to write, publish and debate about the latest (geo)political, social and economic developments they really cared about.

Surefoot Portal

Surefoot Portal

Our client, Surefoot Solution, is a Food, health and safety and environmental support consultancy based in London. Back in 2012 they launched a Drupal 7 based online facility where their client base can upload, organise and manage various documents and business processes specific to the Food Industry.


Web & Programming

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