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Jaikishan Jalan
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Bhilwara, India
63 Projects
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Web & Programming


Jalan Technology Consultancy is a Technology Partner that provides software solutions to businesses. I started this company in 2016 to help businesses solve complex and critical business problems by leveraging the best of technology. Before JTC, I have spent a
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Customer Case Study- Simpifying personal finance

Customer Case Study- Simpifying personal finance

The ex-executives of Capital One started a company that aimed at constructing a cutting-edge payment card that makes it simple to spend responsibly with all advantages of credit. Central goal was to assist people with settling on keen spending choices so they can stress less about money and live happily. It will help them grow savings, avoid debt, construct credit, and accomplish their objectives.

Customer Case Study- Renewable Energy

Customer Case Study- Renewable Energy

The client is an A+ rated leading solar company based in the USA. They offer customized solar solutions to residential owners. The software built by the JTC team helped the adoption and generation of several megawatts of renewable energy by thousands of houses in the US. It also helped save about 3000 hours in creating sales proposals over the last 3 years.

Customer Case Study- Grazing Management Software

Customer Case Study- Grazing Management Software

Our client was a startup led by engineers from MIT and Stanford who had a collective vision to promote regenerative grazing practices using technology. With the help of the software built by JTC, ranchers were able to plan to graze more effectively. They could get the data about their cattle and identify pastures according to the productivity of the land.


Web & Programming

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