Zagreb, Croatia
2.1 Score: 2.08/10

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14 years of experience with Microsoft Access. For the last 3 years I am full-time freelancer. In that time I have developed dozens of databases in a range of different industries and both for B2B and B2C business models. Proven record of that you can find on Elance and Upwork (two platforms similar to Guru) Before that, for ten years I was head of Croatian national cooperatives registry. During that time I have learned a great deal not just about the technical side of my work but how important it is to identify with your users needs. Put yourself in their shoes and try to anticipate their needs and wishes. That is very important but sometimes overlooked by developers. So, tell me exactly what is that itch you can't scratch with combined efforts of Excel, Word and Outlook. What tasks take away tremendous amounts of your time and nerves? I will create the database structure in such a way to solve your biggest problems first. My motto in database development is: No guessing! We will communicate your problems until it is crystal clear where are the bottlenecks. And remember, there's no database like custom made. What good of dozens of fancy features in e.g. cheap cloud based CRM systems, if you lack these few you need the most? Every single database I have created is unique, tailored exactly to the customer's needs. I don't use any templates, because "one size fits all" is philosophy good enough only for summer T-shirts. Your new database will fit you like a fine hand-made suit!

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Web & Programming

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