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No one is good at everything. It is true. But no one can stop you to make every effort to break this rule. I can help you at any moment of your business's lifecycle. Starting from consulting on the stage of bold idea and ending with development and promotion of your product. Doesn't matter if you're a huge company representative or just a beginning entrepreneur, I will do my best to provide you with best solution for your case.

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FamlyApp is a picture and video sharing app and web experience created specifically for the needs of families. It's free, fun, private and easy use. We enable Instagram-like family photo/video sharing on mobile devices, that content is also simultaneously shared on the family website where families can have fun sharing, organizing and archiving their family moments.


VuSpex is a patent-pending technology which automates the building inspection process by deploying a proprietary iPhone application. VuSpex schedules the inspection, connects the Contractor and Inspector with real-time video and audio, then records and documents the inspection.


MyMP3Pool application provides an entertaining experience for people who really like to listen electronic music. As a registered member, you will be given access to hundreds of new tracks every month. This includes radio versions, dirty versions, instrumentals, accapellas and 8 bar intros. Search for best tracks and add them to favorites. Enjoy the music!