MPS Development

Kiev, Ukraine
3.8 Score: 3.78/10
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Skill Summary

  • Web & Programming


We provide full development cycle (analysis, implementation, quality assurance, documenting, support) and an individual approach to every particular project. We are international company with offices in 2 countries and 10+ years of experience in software development. We implement a present-day technologies that guarantee quality and stability in development of: - Web solutions, including high-load and scalable web-portals - Scrapping solutions, for collecting data from different sources, data mining - Mobile applications - Test Automation (using Selenium and other tools) - Geospatial applications, mapping based on OpenStreetMap and other geospatial technologies - Desktop applications - Embedded, Microcontrollers and processors programming. As we have a development centre in Ukraine, we can provide our customers with cost effective but high-fidelity solutions, due to the high professional level of ukrainian IT specialists and subject-matter experts. We do our best to meet all your requirements and needs in the most efficient way.

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Web Development

A social network for searching work and hiring employees.It has functions of a personal room of a user (log-in process, profile and ect.), letter exchange among users, rating, selected or full-text search with filtration according to attributes, comments and other social opportunities

LinkedIn automation

Our web-scraper technology allow to scrap data with minimal efforts, as we have powerful web-scraping platform that allow to scrap new data with only small amount of configuration and customization.

Aero L-39 aircraft, Mi-8/Mi-17 helicopter Full Mission Simulator

HLA-based computer appliance with 6 degrees of freedom motion platform, hardware copy of cockpit with copies of all devices, sound effects, device illumination system, instructor operating stations, media classroom and spherical display of outside. Simulation of: flight dynamics atmospheric effects and weather on-board systems Instructor operating stations modelling of a real-world

Web & Programming

Strength: 1 / 10
Data Mining
Strength: 1 / 10
Data Modeling
Strength: 1 / 10
Strength: 1 / 10
Strength: 1 / 10
Strength: 1 / 10
Strength: 1 / 10
Postgre SQL
Strength: 1 / 10
Web Mobile
Strength: 1 / 10


Web Services