indore, India
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I am Javascript, ROR and Capybara/Cucumber/Rspec developer, having more then 3 years of experience in web development with expert in javascript, web designing, social API integration, Heroku, AWS, GIT, Cucumber, Capybara. I have done various projects on RoR and now I am feeling very confident and more familiar with RoR. I am located in Indore, India and looking forward to remote work. * Skills: • Ruby/Rails3/Rails4, MySQL, Bootstrap3, MySQL • AWS, Heroku, GitHub • HAML, SASS, Coffescript • Paperclip, Paypal, Stripe • Cabybara, Cucumber, Rspec, Factory Girl • Twilio API, social API integration. • Performance Improvement with Caching, CSS and SQL Queries, Site security Expert with: - HTML/HTML5, CSS/CSS3, - JQuery, Javascript - Twitter Bootstrap, - Cucumber, Capybara, Rspec, Selenium-webdriver. - Twilio API * Please find my past project: operaop speaktomyagent notifius dispatchbot Thanks

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Operaop , 2013

its a site for music opera to manage artists, companies, composers, their works and their portfolios. company can organize events and artist can participate on company's event if he selected or invited.

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Web & Programming

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