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Netguru is a team of about 100 people including Ruby on Rails and mobile developers along with project managers, QA and support staff. We specialize in both Ruby on Rails web development and mobile app development. We work with a diverse set of clients ranging from early-stage startups to major corporations based in countries including Germany, Ireland, the UK, Poland, USA and across the Middle East. If you want a team of professional developers, who eat software engineering problems for breakfast, we are designed for you!

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Idea Bank

Idea Bank is a place to share ideas about services of one of the biggest retail banks in Poland. Netguru took care of the project and created a unique platform which fulfills two basic requirements - is both user-friendly and safe. Implementation of the Idea Bank was a pioneering solution as no similar platform existed on the polish market before.

Connexio talk

onnexio Talk is a product of the USA-based team, Connexio Labs. Our task at netguru was to design and implement the Call Guide Builder & Question modules to give this single page app a fresh look. We built a parser that allowed us to present users with a rich interface heavily utilizing HTML5 features like drag & drop to make the entire process more intuitive.

Transterra Media

The Transterra Media web platform is a continually updated database of ready-made video and photo content that is available for immediate purchase. Netguru is responsible for the marketplace’s responsive re-design. Currently we’re focused on the back-end side of the project - creating a top-notch contributor (and buyer) experience. We’ve also helped with integrating the platform with SalesForce.