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Rome, Italy
5.1 Score: 5.13/10
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Skill Summary

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Writing
  • Business Services


Thanks for taking the time to review my profile. I am a certified Virtual Assistant and Inbound Marketing Expert (I am enamored with it). Besides the VA-related work I am an Inbound Marketer: I love to create strategies where SEO fundamentals, blogging, landing pages, lead nurturing, conversion analysis and reporting come together to form a modern and effective campaign to create a strong online presence for my clients and monetize on the web. I have a strong desire to continue to grow both as an Inbound Marketer and Virtual Assistant. I am always striving to deliver impeccable services and want to work with people that expect that of me. I would be most comfortable to have a remote work and would be happy to acquire new skills and knowledge. Culture is a very important consideration for me. I believe that a company or an entrepreneur should be competitive, but the same does not need to be true for people working together. A little competition is healthy, but I find myself thriving more in environments of collaboration, mutual respect, and with opportunities for learning, creativity, and mentorship. More than anything else, I'd love to work with people who truly believe in the product or service they bring to the market. Passion and dedication are highly contagious.

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My First Online Project: My Website , 2016

I created my website with a specific goal in mind: describing me better than a thousands Cv might do. It definitely represents who I am and what I love to do English section and blog will be ready soon

Sales and Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Strength: 5 / 10
Strength: 4 / 10
Email Marketing
Strength: 8 / 10
Freelance Marketing
Strength: 10 / 10
Internet Marketing
Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 8 / 10
Marketing Strategy
Strength: 8 / 10
SEO articles
Strength: 8 / 10
Social Media Marketing
Strength: 8 / 10


Article Writing
Strength: 8 / 10
Content Writing
Strength: 8 / 10
Strength: 8 / 10
Online Writing
Strength: 8 / 10
Web Content
Strength: 8 / 10

Business Services

Admin Assistant
Strength: 8 / 10
Data Entry
Strength: 8 / 10
Email Handling
Strength: 8 / 10
Research / Market-Research
Strength: 8 / 10


Web Services