Kharkov, Ukraine
3.8 Score: 3.76/10
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  • Sales and Marketing


My name is Andrew and I’m a project manager of a large Call Center located in the Ukraine. I specialize in delivering top-notch contact services with affordable prices that will be suitable for you. I can guarantee the high quality of the agents I will provide. My team consists exclusively of native English speakers. Furthermore, we have our own quality assurance team that will monitor the quality of agents' conversations on the phone. We have a dedicated person that will be in charge of your project and who is responsible for understanding how you want the team set up, according to your own company standards. The main benefits of choosing us: *Flexible pricing solutions *Saves you headaches - no rent, telephony bills, taxes or other 'overhead' costs *We have the ability to recruit any size staff, small or large; *Setting up in the Ukraine gives you access to a highly educated, motivated workforce, at a fraction of the costs one would incur in Western Europe or North America

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Sales and Marketing

Lead Generation
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