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Berlin, Germany
2.65 Score: 2.65/10 Score
2 Languages



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Web & Programming


I've been building complex, fully tested Rails apps for several years. Larger features I've worked on recently include a recurring billing system generating long-tail self signup revenue, and a fully customizable role-based authorization system. I prefer to w
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Portfolio is a mobile ad tracking and reporting service. In my 18 months there we upgraded from Rails 3.2 to 4.0, switched from a jQuery-based front-end to an angularJS app, created a fully automated self-signup process with PCI-compliant credit card payments and a home-made recurring subscription system, and created one of the industry's first cohort-based tracking data services.

The application was a Rails 3.0 app based on a very old version of FatFreeCRM, with a convoluted verticals-based system serving different assets depending which domain the app was accessed from. We also had three different sets of routes/controllers for our account management team's admin interface, the verticals themselves, and the leads clearing house. And full salesforce integration.


Web & Programming

total average: 8.666666666666666/10

AngularJS 8.0/10

CoffeeScript 8.0/10

Javascript 8.0/10

JQuery 8.0/10

PostgreSQL 9.0/10

PostgresSQL 9.0/10

Ruby 10.0/10

Ruby on Rails 10.0/10

Unix 8.0/10

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