Dublin, Ireland
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I’ve worked as a software engineer for the last 3 years, and the projects I’ve been involved in have ranged from simple web pages to complex mobile applications used by thousands of users every day. Most of the applications that I’ve worked on are still in use today, by companies, organizations and individuals. I'm enthusiastic about putting myself in new challenges and I passionate about developing innovative applications which can make a significant difference.

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Nobly POS (iOS)

Deeply involved in the development of Nobly POS

Carnaval Trivia 2015 (iOS)

Carnaval Trivia 2015 is a mobile application for iOS based on one of the most popular events in Uruguay. This application provides the users with all the information they need about their favourite group or theatre. It also offers an enjoyable and amazing game of questions and answers, which allows users to test their knowledge and challenge friends to see who knows more about carnival.

Lynkos CRM (iOS)

Deeply involved in the development of Lynkos CRM