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Krakow, Poland
2.98 Score: 2.98/10 Score
2 Languages



Skills overview

Web & Programming


We are experienced eLibrary developers (secure online viewing of 10Tb & 1.5m of pdf documents, >100 virtual reading rooms, >100k active users, 5-years support). Another our key expertise is accounting and flow document systems. We are passionate to create REST
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Virtual Hospital

Virtual Hospital

Virtual hospital - Web application for monitoring of patients condition by physicians and their interaction. What we did: - Creating of a MVP for startup (minimum viable product). - Teamwork. - API Reuse.

Secure Document Viewer

Secure Document Viewer

SDViewer - embedded component of secure online document view. Allows viewing the document to which you have access without leaving the browser. What we did: - Audit of protected documents display options. - Development of embedded solution. - Development of flexible architecture. - On-the-fly documents processing. - Documentation for developers on deployment and embedding

Full Text Search

Full Text Search

FTS - Web application for search by digitized books and dissertations. Allows searching not only by bibliographic data, but also through the whole document text. The application processes large text documents. What we did: - Full-text search for large amounts of data. - Morphology. - Rapid changes in search base data. - Combining search implementations. - Documentation for dev's.


Web & Programming

total average: 7.894736842105263/10

.NET 10.0/10

AJAX 10.0/10

AngularJS 9.0/10

ASP.NET 10.0/10

C# 10.0/10

CSS 10.0/10

ERP 6.0/10

Flex 6.0/10

Javascript 10.0/10

JQuery 10.0/10

MySQL 7.0/10

node.js 8.0/10

PostgreSQL 4.0/10

Research and Development 7.0/10

Reverse Engineering 7.0/10

SQL 7.0/10

WordPress 3.0/10

XML 8.0/10

XSLT 8.0/10

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