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Our creator owned comic book: "SENT" centers around Fia, a red haired 25-year-old woman who’s abducted from her wealthy home in a TEXAS cotton plantation on the day of her birthday, June 25th 1873. Fia later wakes up to find herself the subject of an unusual procedure being carried out by two unworldly looking individuals named HERTZ and LOOMIS. Left alone, with no memory other than her name and birth date, dazed from the procedure and confused as to why she feels no pain or hunger, Fia makes her way through the California desert and runs into Randall Wick. Wick, feeling lost himself, just having watched his entire family die from an unresolved fire at his farm, accompanies Fia and together they head to PAXTON in search of answers. Fia and Wick encounter great dangers on their journey as violent thieves, assassins, scavengers and local authorities are constantly on their tail. With the help of the infamous MISS BELL and other key people that they meet on their journey, Fia and Wick gradually discover that Fia has new inexplicable abilities that keep them safe and on a steady course that Fia herself can’t explain or question. They narrowly escape peril again and again thanks to Fia’s remarkable gifts while they begin to understand that they are being steered along a new life path. Little by little, Wick and Fia realize that Fia is not only special, but she was also SENT for a reason.Why do we want to work on this Book?

We aim to tell the story in a creative way without disappointing the reader when it comes to big reveals. SENT is written in a manner where the reader is constantly being challenged by the way we present the story of our characters. But at the same time, it won’t overwhelm the reader with way too complicated story elements and it won’t disappoint the reader when it comes down to see the story unfold. We want the reader to go back to past issues to see if they have missed. A truly addictive and unique comic book is what we are shooting for. A mix of fiction and current/ past events, executed in a fun a fun mosaic way. Unlike some inspirations for this book or TV shows that we are fans of, we won’t make it up as we go along. Every aspect of the story will be revealed and nothing will be left hanging.

 This idea has a well-plotted beginning, middle and end.

SENT has a conception period of six years. Countless hours have been spent on the outline of the story alone.  We have great faith in this story and really hope to reach comic book lovers like ourselves. In the last issue of SENT, we open up new possibilities for further stories to develop. We really feel that this Story has a lot of potential. Not only to be a really good Comic Book series, but also a really cool Television series As well. Maybe even a film and further sequels. We are confident that with your help, we could make this a really great project.

We see our book as an ongoing series of 8 to 10 full color issues per Volume, with the final issue of each volume as a two-part issue.

Target Audience: Our target reader will range form the ages of 16 to 28. We are shooting for Sci-Fi devotees, fans of time travel comics, super hero enthusiasts and western aficionados. Given our lead character, we are also hoping to reach redheads.


I have attached a cover letter that shows how we have approached publishers.