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We currently have a golfclub website website built on basis of Word Press.

In it we have a ‘Members List’ and a ‘Participants database’ ( which is still under construction)..when it is completed and ready to go we will be importing data from an excel spreadsheet.

Currently, logged in members can access the members list and edit their own profile ( telephone numbers and email and password ) and can view phone numbers for all other members of the club. They can search/filter the lists of members and can also email them one at a time. However that’s about all you can do on the members list.

The ‘Partcipants database’ is currently limited and does not look terribly user friendly (yet). Also it does not appear to have the facility to allow members to use the site as above …I believe they can be integrated…but that’s up to whoever does the work.

Basically what we would like to achieve is as follows:-

A database held on the website that can be accessed in two ways.

1.. by the any/all club members for limited viewing . 2.  by specific committee members for full access and admin rights.

1. For the general club members they need to view all other members phone etc details and ideally email them individually or collectively directly from the website. And edt their own profiles..all ss above..If personal details could include a photo even better.


2. The database from the committee view point.

Needs to be accessed from anyone’s computer who is given admin rights so any changes can be seen by anyone else( with admin rights). ( not sure if only one person can log on at any one time ?? ) So that any new club member added to the list can be viewed and amended by anyone else. (Or if any other changes are made to the database.)

Any changes made by admin in the database to be reflected in the general club view so that anyone joining or leaving is automatically added or removed from the ‘’general club view’..

If a member changes any info in their profile this should be automatically updated in the main database .

Current columns in database are as follows but will probably be expanded… Surname, first name, date of birth, age, status, home phone, business phone, mobile, Address,mens, ladies, seniors, paid, banked, HGU, EWGA,NAPGC,

The table to be sortable and with set filters or an ability to filter progressively. or easily build our own filter options

And obviously a form to fill in for any new/established member so details can be updated there. The table can be in a report basis so cannot be filled in from the table but only by the form. Or can be filled in on the table as well..whichever is easier /better.

The table to show current members or ex members or potential members etc etc but that’s probably all down to the filter options.

Must be user friendly and easy to operate

If we could have a form on line for a prospective new member to fill in that automatically added him to the database but designated as ‘’prospective’ that would be good ..then if he is accepted half the details are already filled in.

An ability to filter to say specific team members and email them all would be good.


as I said earlier its a golf club website so the budget is tight but hopefully will suit someone out there 

thanks John B.