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Budget (€) :

6,000 - 10,000

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12/14/12 3:50 PM

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We would need to make a BIG website, the website would be the following way: On the front page there would be all Europe + Russia map. all together 38 countries. And when you take the cursor / mouse on top of some country, the country name will appear and it will change colour,  Like in:,  but this web page only has the

map of Spain. And when you click some country there will open that countries map, just like above in and when you click at some region, it will again change colour and the region name will appear, and when you click a chosen region it will open up, and there will come a list of all the towns in that region, and when you click a chosen town, it will show how many announcements there are in that town, clicking the  chosen town will open all the announcements in that town, having a main picture of the product, and some main information, clicking the chosen announcement it will open and show about 10 - 20 pictures of the product + all the details of the product. The client / announcer can put a  announcement / advertisement paying 60,-€ they must give a valid email address and pay the 60,-€ buy PayPal for example, then our webpage system will send to he’s email a password, with what he can put / download the announcement pictures and details of the product. The 60,-€ payment will give the client a 60,-€ "credit" that he can use during 90 days time, that is for each day the system will charge the announcers / clients account 2,-€, so the client can have he’s announcement posted for 30 days all together for the 60,-€ he has paid., The client can have the announcement posted for 90 days time when they prefer, for example every second day, and like that the credit would be used in 60 days time, the client wont loose the paid credit for the days the announcement is not visible in our web page. When the paid 60,-€ credit is used, the system will put the announcement away, in a pause mode, the pictures  and the details of the client wont disappear, it will just not be visible / posted, until the client pays again the minimum fee 60,-€ and then the  announcement will be visible again. All the posted announcements must rotate automatically , so that every announcement will be the first one on the web page, at some time of the day, for example every 3 hours o so. This is basically the main function of the web page, and the same features will be in all the European countries + Russia. In each county the text and details will be in the local language, we will provide all the necessary translations. It is very important that the web page will work fast and without any problems, and it must open and work in all mobile phones as well.