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Dear all,

We are currently developing an app that is supposed to show people what and especially how much to eat each day. The app’s goal is to match the user’s daily nutrition needs with the meals in the application (both, the meals and the nutritional needs are already provided). But we need someone that is able to develop an algorithm (just the algorithm) to match both parts.

Thus, there are basically two sides of the equation: 

- 1st Side: The amount of calories the user needs to consume each day

- 2nd Side: the meals per day

The challenge is to match those two sides.

Further app framework information:

- Consider the user’s daily calories as well as the ingredients of the meals a given information

- The calories have to be divided into the following macros: 50% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fats – example see below

- The user can choose between 3 and 6 meals per day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and 0-3 snacks – depending on how many meals the user wants to eat per day)

- There are different diet types (normal and/or vegan and/or vegetarian) and meal types (breakfast and/or lunch and/or dinner and/or snack)

- A slight deviation of +-1% from the total amount of calories, protein, carbs and fat is allowed

- We’d like to work with a NoSql Database and JSON

- Programming language JavaScript

To get an impression of what our app is supposed to do, check out “Eat This Much” ( However, please do NOT take their algorithm or their way to calculate the ingredients of the meals in consideration. It’s neither accurate, nor applicable if it comes to actually preparing/cooking the meal. We need a more sophisticated algorithm. Instead of eg. dividing the whole meal (like “Eat This Much” does), we only want to adjust the amount of relevant ingredients. This provides better and more reliable results for our users.



- 50% carbohydrates (1 gram carbohydrates = 4 Calories),

- 30% protein (1 gram protein = 4 Calories),

- 20% fats (1 gram fat = 9 Calories)

Hence, a person that consumes 3000 calories/day needs

- 375g carbohydrates,

- 225g protein, and

- 66.67g fats

If you need further information or have questions, do not hesitate to ask :)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.