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11/8/13 10:07 PM

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App for Android phone: specifications This app work on android PHONE. Phone is connected to internet  An RF-ID reader is connected with USB cable. When RF-ID badge is placed on RF-ID reader, badge-code start photo camera, and picture is saved on dropdox cloud disk. All source code and notes to compile it are required.



1    All choice come from XML config file

1.1    If Xml is missing App never cant start (hidden funcion)

2    App can be autostart or not 

2.1    Xml token

3    At start APP try to connect to Dropbox cloud disk, Big RED Error on display if not connected    

3.1    Xml dropbox

3.2    Xml dropbox

3.2.1    Password is not in clear, but crypted with a simple procedure (i.e. every ascii char is added with +1 +3 +5 +8 +2 +5 end more)

3.3    xml "connection dropbox missing"

4    If connection to dropbox is ok then activate Photocamera and wait command (permanent, without timeout) 

5    When the RFI reader (connected to usb port) read a badge_code save a Photo

6    Show Photo for a time of second

6.1    Xml time to show photo and wait another rfid

7    In this time, if another RFI code arrive, repeat from item 5 (make a new photo that replace previous bad photo)

8    If seconds expire, rename jpg photo with this filename (date, time, RFID, deviceid) : yyyy_mm_dd_hh_mm_ss_counter_deviceid_RFID.jpg

8.1    Xml for filename

8.2    Xml for filename

8.3    example of filename    2013_09_04_23_59_59_999_point24ad_[OBSCURED].jpg

9    Save file on dropbox disk

10    Increment and save on xml

11    If counter > 1000 and param1 <> "hetd3ga9tejfj9stegh7n653dhdtdj" then delete xml file (case license expired) , and exit with a message

11.1    xml "license expired"

11.2    xml = license: demo mode, full mode