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Small project <800

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6/9/12 9:02 AM

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We are using two terms in the description: 1) installation package - this is an installation file that contains the application installer for an android device. 2) installation file - this is a file that will be downloaded by users from the site and launched by them on their androids. Accordingly, it is required to develop an installation file which will be downloaded from the site by the application buyers. The installation file: - should be able to work with an android tablet and android phone and distinguish between two types of these devices, - should be able to get an identification code of a device - should be editable. We need to have the ability to change the order_id and product_id parameters before the file is sent to the buyer. After the installation file is launched on an androind device, the installation file should send an HTTP request:" target="_blank"> Request parameters: 1) "">" - site address, 2) "dispatch" - will always be equal to the "installation.package" value 3) "order_id" - order number, a numerical value 4) "product_id" - product number, a numerical value 5) "code" - device identification code, it is needed so that we could know for sure if this application was installed on this device earlier or not and count the number of installations. 6) "type" - device type, two values are possible: "tablet" or "phone" A response to this request will be data in JSON format" target="_blank"> . There will be just two response alternatives: 1) {"status":"ok","url":"http:\/\/\/var\/file.apk"} 2) {"status":"error","text":"Text message error"} If the response data status is "ok", the installation file should download the installation package by the link in the “url" parameter. After the download it is necessary to install the application on the device. After installation of the application the installation file should delete the installation package from the device. If the response data status is "error", it is necessary to display the error text which is contained in the "error" parameter.