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7/31/17 3:57 PM

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Vorrei creare un'App per Android Smartphone o Tablet.

Il fornitore dovrà occuparsi solo della programmazione.

Dear Freelancer

I need to find someone that can fix a JNI project included as part of a bigger Android application.


The main application is a sample app made available by the Drone manufacturng company "DJI" to demonstrate capturing and processing of video stream from airdcraft camera.

Core part of the app an target of this project is the integration in Android app of the native FFMPEG library written in C by adoption of the Android Native JNI interface.

Current sample works fine in compiling "armeabi-v7a" libs.

Simply calling "ndk-compile" command inside "jni" folder generates /lib/armeabi-v7a/ and /lib/armeabi-v7a/ in /libs folder beside /jni root.

If /jni/ is changed to produce "arm64-v8a" libs, the "ndk-compile" command fails and no arm64-v8a .so lib is produced. The consequence is that Android devices expecting the 64bit version of the libs will fail at runtime complainin about missing native methods.

Please check if you can understand why the build fails and if you can provide me the patch to make it working for future builds. I do not need the arm64-v8a libs but to be able to compile them since I may need, in the future, to add new native method calls in dji_video_jni.c and comple it in other versions of (and

Please note I will be out of office in next weeks an might not be able to reply untill end of month.


[For TWAGO staff: please do not obscure parts of this message otherwise developers won't be able to access the code I am asjingthem to study and fix. They absolutely require these information in order to issue a quote]

After publishing the project I noted the web links I posted were removed.

To understand what I am asking for, please search the web for the "DJI-Mobile-SDK-Tutorials Android-VideoStreamDecodingSample".

You will find the GitHub project I am requesting you to fix.

Note it requires Git to have Large File Support in order to be successfully cloned.

The command is "git lfs clone <githb-url>"

If no "lft" is used, the source code of the native libraries won't be downloaded.