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Budget (€) :

Small project <800

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7/27/18 3:31 PM

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this Project is written with Angular 2.

I need somebody, they do some changings for me and my website.

The old coder dont have time. I looking for somebody to work with me on more projects.

My motherlanguage is german, if you speak german it is great.

1. The page [OBSCURED] should be separated from [OBSCURED].

2. The pages will continue to be used with the same layout, but with different logos and rooms to let. The correct logos are now on both pages.

The API for booking portal swoobu is include and works.

3. Both pages will be available in German and English but with the extension .de / en for englisch or only .de for german.

4. Creat 3 Pages but the layout is only to copy from others and fill the content from us. 

5. The content for the new apartments on [OBSCURED] must still be entered by you. 8 Apartments. The Appartments from [OBSCURED] are correct. There is nothing to change with the appartments.

6. A thank you page must be created on both sides for the requests and these will be provided with the GA conversion tracking or a other way.

7. Both sides need upgrades in the backend:

Contact information must be manually changeble.

We need a area where the clint can include the div id of his appartments by his self. 


The ad text on the home page must be customizable.

C) Separation of the backends from each other.

8. The goal is to put the project online on 10.08.18.

Below you find some pictures.

And here some informations more about your work prozess.

i implemented the entire frontend in Angular (2+). It is contained in the wp_content/themes/fwpotsdam folder

it consists of a index.php

which only maps the template (theme Directory) to the angulars app dist Folder (static build app)

WordPress Servers only as a Content Provider, it is not used with an applied WordPress theme or something you seek for

so if you want to develop the frontend, open the Folder i noted above and develop it like usual with angular

then build the app for production (angular cli) and put the static app into the theme/fwpotsdam Folder on the ftp server

the index.php maps the entry to the app and the pure spa is the frontend, without any other WordPress frontend Plugins oder anything

we use WordPress only for editing or creating flats and stuff