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Small project <800

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4/26/12 11:37 PM

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App to post 1 self taken picture plus 1 self written text to a fixed/given fan page on Facebook using user's own account. User interface: Splashscreen/Startup screen 5 secs showing an image. Then a screen with a background image with a text box over it, describing what this app does. At bottom a button "START" and a button for "INFO". Info is a background image with a text box over it including a link to a website (which can be clicked closing the app and opening a webpage in external browser). An Apple standard button on top with "<--" goes back to previous screen. Button "START" starts a standard camera screen and the user has to make a picture with standard Apple camera interface with shoot button below scene viewer (may use the camera or flash) and left of the camera sh0ot button a button with "<--",  goes to previous screen. When picture taken, the image is shown and the user can use the button "OK"  to continue or a button "<--" to go back to picture taking screen, button same place like shot and "<--" button last screen (something like twitter app: adding a picture). When selected "OK" the user comes to a screen where he can enter text length up 200 characters. An Apple standard button on top left with "<--" goes back to previous screen, on top right with "-> Facebook" opens the login screen for facebook with login and password fields and "OK" below (note: if device already logged into Facebook skip this step), an Apple standard button on top left with "<--" goes back to previous screen. After Facebook login is correctly done, the image and text is posted on given fan page and the app closes and shows the fan page in the browser. On startup, the app always start with splash screen. I deliver all needed graphics. One language (german) The app shall be installed in my android and appstore account, login will be set up for you. I set up the descriptions for the store websites A certificate for the development of the android app must be set up for me to be used for signing the app; this certificates must be given to me. Portrait mode only except camera where user might want to use portrait or landscape

Must run with IOS4.2 and support iPhone 3G/3GS/4/4s. I deliver graphics in iPhone3 and iPhone4 resolutions. App shall run on iPad but just in zoom view.

Perfect to run as well on Android, 2.1+, normal hdpi, scaled automatically in device accordingly for other resolutions. I deliver graphics in 480x800 for Android I am professional grafic artist and will deliver easy to code storyboard and grafics in whatever format, Photoshop preferred, grafics in separate layers.

Please give me a quote for iPhone only and write your price for android and iPhone in the text of your offer. I prefer crossplatfrom here since it really makes sense and will reduce the price which is crucial.  

Important: the apps must be ready until ideally latest May 4th meaning: i will decide until monday latest and the developer must deliver the SW asap, ideally 2 or 3 days later the faster the better; the graphics are ready until monday.  

Next apps are planned already for you if you do a good job. We do not need to use Twago for payment, up to you.