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1/27/15 10:47 PM

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In support of our presentation we need a semi-functioning sketch of an application that will be placed on 46 inch touchscreens in hotel lobbies. The application/system/tool (however you want to call it) will be like a very large Ipad that has several (let's say 10) buttons. I know it's not called buttons but the things you press on on a smartphone. These 'buttons/widgets' all navigate to a different screen. So a hotel guest will be able to press on Top RestaurantsMuseums, Weather, Tours, Attractions, Top 10 things to do, Order a Cab and Historical Sights. When they press on this button/widget they are navigated to a relevant screen where they can get the necessary info on that topic. 

So what we need is a model system that portrays the home screen as a customer would see it. This is a 46 inch screen horizontally placed on a 'foot'. It's slightly tilted so the customer can use and see it better. On two thirds of the screen From the left of the screen to past the middel) the 8 buttons/widgets are shown. On the right one third of the screen there is an advert (covering the whole remaining one third of the screen).

We want this first screen to be drawn and the 8 buttons to be fucntional. The advert part of the screen needs to loop 4 different brands (changing every 5 seconds). The buttons need to navigate to a relevant screen when pressed. So it's 9 screens that need to be made. The content of the screen that appears after pressing one of the 8 buttons/widgets doesn't need to function. It just needs to be there.

The design aspect of this is paramount. It needs to be super modern, clean, attractive and clear. Simple yet explanitory.


Attached is a hand drawing of how I see the layout of the first screen (yeah I know, pretty poor drawing skills). This should give you an impression of how I see the layout of the buttons and advert on the right. (this is not set in stone so deviations from this are welcome!)


The image is tilted so please interpret this to be horizontal. The little squares at the bottom are flags so that people can choose their language. Please add these in. (English, Spanish, German, French and Russian).