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  1. Smart Predictive Dialer

The outbound calls executed by the “smart” predictive dialer as soon as the called party answers should start playing the pre-recorded greeting and introductory message recorded by the Agent in charge of that area. The system plays the message that the Agent had previously recorded with his own voice. The Agent should be able to break in the on-going communication / conference at any time to continue speaking personally with the prospect. This process is worth for all the agents around the country and within the European Nations.


1.2 How the process works

This is the way it should work, a method among the others that may be worth it.


  1. The server call the prospect,
  2. as soon as he/she answers the server establishes a conference call among a) the server b) the prospect d) and the agent and it bring up on his screen the called party record
  3. then it start playing the prerecorded Agent message


  1. To record the Greeting and Introductory message

The Agent simply record the message as if it was one of his “personal” prompt such as it could be” Hi this Thomas, thank you for calling, as of now I am “busy” in a meeting but if you leave a message and your name and telephone number  I’ll call you right back as soon as I am done”.  This message is being played when the “busy” subscriber receive a call.


If we change that “personal” message into a business  introductory message such as it could be “Good Morning! This Telecom Italia calling, we are making some research to understand the quality of the service we are providing within your geographical business area ….”  So far as soon as the “busy” subscriber receives a call while the conference has been established the called party and the Agent start listening the same introductory message.


  1. Set up of the parties attending the conference

The Agent should have “two” Soft – Phones. The first which is the one that will be always “busy” is going to be set that will start playing the introductory message, the second soft phone is the one that would allow the Agent attending the conference and to intervene at any time just in case.


  1. Agent supervision

The Agent should be able to supervise the call established, listening both, the server who called the prospect playing  the message and what the called party eventual comments thus allowing the Agent to intervene at any time providing appropriate answers to clear any issues the prospect may have faced. So far the called party does not hear a digital message but a human being message thus understanding, in a way, that his opposite number is live agent but not a machine.


The Agent should also be able to break in the ongoing “communication” by dialing a digit to continue speaking with the called party. Since the tongue of the voice can slightly change the called party may not understand the difference.


  1. Admin GUI interface

The SPD should be enriched by a GUI to allow the admin setting the message to be played for those campaigns by the agents in charge of that geographic area.  It should allow the admin to select assigning the target DB to the Agent/s, the interval of time between calls, to allow the Agent to take a break during the working hours, no matter the reason but should be able to it. And last but not least from A2Billing user can have clear reports about the agent activity. All kind of statistics that may easily come out are welcome.


 1.7 The Marketing Organization by Agents

To all the Agent, in LAN and / or WAN area, is assigned an exclusive area which is identified by the international telephone country code, national country code, city code and party code numbers. The  inbound calls, that are coming in from the parties that have been contacted by the agent previously must be diverted and answered by the same agent.  The agent should get on his screen the calling party record anyway.  Just in case the prospect need support and his call, along with his record, ought to be forwarded to the nearest Service & Support center by the agent who contacted him first. The interpersonal relation even though is made through the web is an important marketing factor.  We know that this feature belong to the Call Center but we wanted you to know how the communication process should work.   


1.8 Agent Pre-recorded greeting and introductory messages

The prerecorded messages will be a good number and different from one to another, also played in different languages. So far SPD should be enriched by a GUI to allow the admin setting the message to be played for that campaign by specific area agents. As above described.


  1. vTigerCRM  (the CRM is all about DB)

The outbound call should be executed by the server that ought to forward the record of the party being called to the Agent (vTigerCRM).  On the agent screen ought to appear the entire record as soon as the conference starts.


  1. Elastix Call Center, the inbound calls

The inbound calls should be answered by the Agent through any standard IP Telephone or by a soft phone that will bump up on his screen as soon as a call comes in. This apply in case the caller is a new potential client, otherwise if the caller is already an account or a new lead, whose data have been recorded in the systems DB, by detecting the CLI the system will bring up on the agent screen the entire record of the calling party. vTigerCRM and Elastix DB ought to be always be aligned.


  1.  Benefit

Since the phone system is playing the introductory qualification, the end user business will need fewer agents to handle outbound marketing calls. These agents will no longer be repeating over and over the same introduction message. In future it will be played the system in their lieu, with their pre-recorded voice thus dramatically increasing the quality of service but not the number of contact. We prefer the quality to high volume numbers that might put under pressure our organization to obtain marginal performance.


  1. The Providers

Those who willing to bid on this project must have an in depth knowledge and competencies about:  Elastix (Asterisk), vTigerCRM (MySQL) and of course PHP. We do not want to use ViciDIAL but only the distribution described running on Linux CentOS.


  1. Reporting

Reporting daily is fine. Works should be accomplished on your own server or one of ours. At your choice.


  1. Delivery time

Within 4 weeks for the date of signing the project by both the parties.



  1.  Terms & Condition


  • We’ll deposit once a week for a 15% of the whole amount that is going to be equal to 45% by the end of the third week’s period. The remaining 55% shall be deposited by the end of the works. The entire amount shall be released to provider only when we understand and declare that the works have been successfully accomplished. No open ends left.


  • If you do not delivery by the due date, "unless we have agreed upon a new date", we reserve the exclusive right to withdraw any amount previously deposited on account. This is our exclusive option that you agree upon signing this document.  





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