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I run 360° leadership surveys. Up until now I have created 4 surveys with limesurvey (Survey 1 = Self evaluation; Survey 2 = Evaluation of the boss; Survey 3 = Evaluation of the Peers; Survey 4 = Evaluation of Subordinates). The results of the surveys are stored in 4 tables on my server (lamp and mysql). Once all raters have provided their information, I export the data into 4 different excel sheets to do the calculus and consolidate the data (very tedious). Once the data is consolidated, I enter the data into filemaker (very tedious) to create personalized reports. (I have tried to directly connect filemaker pro via OCDB to mysql so that filemaker does the caculus but it slows my computer down - up to the point that I can't work anymore. I have also tried to write sql queries in mysql so that the calculation is done 'on' my server but when it came to the calculus of correlations it 'froze' my server.

Here is what I am looking for:I am looking for someone who helps me to redefine and create the process. Here is my tentative process description:

Step 1: Decision makers will go to my website (joomla), enter their username and password that gives them access to a site in which they can enter infos such as company information, his own contact information (email and phone number etc.), the first name, last name, the email address and the preferred language of the participants. If the email that has been entered by the decision maker is incorrect, he or she should receive an email or he or she should be alerted that the email address that has been entered is incorrect and shoud be corrected in the system.

Step 2: All participants will receive an email that provides them with a username and password and contains a link that directs them on a webpage on my website.

Step 3: Once the participants have entered their username and password, they are requrested to enter their own contact detail (First name, Last Name, Email, Preferred language) as well as the contact detail of their raters (Boss, Peers, and Subordinates). The validity of the email addresses they provided should be checked automatically. The number of raters per category is 0 to n. Automatic reminders should be send to the participants who did not provide their contact details.

Step 4: The participants as well as the participants' raters should receive an email that explains the purpose of the survey, indicates who they are requested to evaluate, and contains a link that will direct them to a survey (The bosses to the survey "Bosses", the peers to the survey "Peers", the participants to the survey "Self Ratings" and the Subordnates to the survey "Subordinates". The email and the survey websites should clearly state who the people are asked to evaluate. Based on the language selection in step 1 and two, the emails sent to the participants and raters as well as the surveys should be correspond to the language choice. Reminders should be send to the raters who did not fill out the surveys on time.

Step 5: Once the final deadline is reached, a report will be created (calculus: total number of raters per participant, total number of subordinates/ bosses / peers that have completed the survey for a given participant; average correlation between the self evaluation and the evaluation of their raters; average correlation of of all raters and for all participants; average of different items/repsonses. The report should include bar charts that allows to compare the average self-ratings of the subordinates with the average ratings of their bosses, peers, and subordinates. If possible, first principle components should be calculated.

Step 6: The system allows the participants to access their report and to export and/or print the reports as pdf files. OR The styem sends an email to the participants (Report attached as pdf).

I am open for suggestions.


Best wishes