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50,000 - 75,000

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3/27/12 5:22 PM

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I would need a smart group of workers. Well trained people would be fit and possibly some good idea thinkers, if you know what I mean. A good effort is always needed. And if we're good enough we can make a 3D game, which is what I'm planning on.


A MMORPG, presenting classes and races. Adding elements from different games. The planout would be complicated and thorough.


I'll explain my thoughts for the character maker



| Human | Warrior  | Evil      | *Name* is a(n) *side*

| Elf          | Paladin | Good   | being taught to be a

| Orc        | Mage     | Neutral| *class* in *hometown (

| Troll      | Warlock | Light    | depends on what race)*

| Draconian | Shaman | Dark | an *race (human, elven, orc, troll, draconian, place)      (PICTURE OF CHARACTER)

| Gnome | Engineer | (Blank) | starting with *name of starter (

| Goblin | Tamer/Hunter | (Blank) | depends what race)*

| Robot | Defender | (Blank) | (Blank) 

| Demon | Monk | (Blank) | (Blank)

| Giant | Rogue | (Blank) | (Blank)

| Vampire | Technomancer | (Blank) | (Blank)

(^Note these would be small bars where you could choose the selected, so they don't fill the whole thing up,


the classes aren't specialized for the race next to it and the description


would add a bit of interest to players, it also would be recorded


in the player's log, which tells their stats etc.)



| Customization |

| Male/Female |

| Hairstyle  [1 +/-] (30 Hairstyles) |

| Hair Colour [Colours (Little squares would be here with colours in them) (Advanced Options bar)] |

| Eye Colour [Presented like the hair colour one] |


                                                                    Name [__________]            [Bar which tells them what they've chose, for  example, *name*, * race*, *class*, *male/female*]


Yes, very complicated but it could work, and again, the bars are small, they would be like explained and wouldn't have all that text thank god.


When finishing, it will bring you to you're hometown, which will be thought out about in later times, but as I was saying, you will be there and depending on you're class, a sword (warrior), a staff (mage), double-blades (rogue). Also, with some armour, so you're not in the nude, these will not be in the character armour bit seeing as it's a starter set and having defense already would be OP against the newbie enemies at the start.


Now, getting to you're character page is simple, the top left would show a bar, showing you're hp and magic next to it would be a picture of you're face, under being your level ('cause we love leveling up), the picture of you're face can change when wielding a helmet. Now, to the character page part and others, to the bottom there would be some selections, at the bottom would be all the options, like the character page, options, settings, friend list etc. etc. On top of all that, would be the exp bar and if you're a hunter/tamer and have tamed a pet, you will have it's abilities that you can change (oh, and you can change you're abilites too =P), and where would the pet's hp/mana be? Well, right under you're "character bar" let's call it for instance with a picture of you're pet and for once in a game.... You can add armour to you're pet, again changing the picture.


After advancing levels, enemies get harder and stronger (So you can't kill lots of noob enemies, to level up fast). It's basically saying that the enemies are leveling up too... (and you're pet can level, obviously).


If you don't feel like having a pet, you can "shoo" it away and "summon" it when neccassary.


As well as armour, having some accsessories granting special stats would be epic, right. So, ring slots and necklace slots would be my thought, you can enable/disable the rings showing or the necklaces (seperately) if wanted. Some rings would be "rings of health or wisdom" health giving more hp, and wisdom with mana. You would have stats depending on you're armour or race or class, giving a range of different stats.


Now with the classes, they would have advantages AND disadvantages. At the moment I'm thinking about giants being stronger and bigger but slower in speed and stuff like that. We could think of that later on, though.


I guess I could call this my ideas so far, I'm still adding as we speak and am gathering ideas from fellow mates.