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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

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6/3/15 10:00 AM

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For a pharmceutical test a survey/questionaire app has to be developed Each survey is related to a doctor and a survey. At the moment  5 doctors are planned to use 3 surveys.

This development will be used as a prototype for the final development. So there is no need to code everything  to an end-user-status.

But I might need some technical support in case of some questions.




Technical realization: I prefer Azure mobile services because this includes also a sync  framework if device is offline, other proposals are welcome


Client - Hardware:

Windows tablet, finally about max. 5-6 tablets will use this software, so installing the software manually would be no problem


Frontend - software:

WPF –  Windows Store App (XAML) , other proposals are welcome  





Authentification;  - user/password authentification



(Doctors) Views: 

  -  Landingpage:                

                + List of the patients

                + CRUD – operations for the patients (create, update, delete)

               + Link - Button – for a selected patient to enter the patient detailed view 


-  Patient detailed view:             

    + List of the surveys of the patient

    + CRUD – operations for the surveys (create, update, delete) (   -  A new survey need the survey_type_id and a language [en || de || es || fr || zh]   -  The status values are: [submitted, in work, closed]   - With creation a survey the set of predefined survey_answers will be created


         + Link - Button – for a selected survey to enter the survey detailed view


 - Survey detailed view:  

               + Display of the question in the appropriate language

                + Questions and answers will not be created dynamically from the db,                   surveys needs to be designed and implemented manually

              + Only basic prototyping designing and implementation of 2 surveys with 3 or 4 questions!!!                  [

                               question1:  patient age

question2: patient sex

question3:  How many burgers do you eat every day ? radio selection {1-2}, {3-4}, {more}

question4: Add a photo

]         + adding images via camera or “add file via explorer”  (see implementation of question 4, photo must be uploaded to azure blob storage) + Going back to the Patient detailed view should be password protected (password can be hardcoded and very simple)



(Admin) Views:

              + Create a view on the database to illustrate the answers of one certain survey_type

                + Azure db link to the database view in order to connect with an excel client

                + Images/pictures of the answers (with the answer_type: image -> stored in the blob storage)should be accessible via a link or a linked thumbnail