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Small project <800

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3/20/13 3:44 AM

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Dear Service Providers,

the selected budget is being discussed with the client. This is to inform that twago is currently in contact with the client to see if the budget is negotiable.



I have a business website that I would like to replace with a new site that adds bidding on projects similar to other websites online that allow customers to post projects and select someone to do the project.  Basically customers will be able to post projects they need done, and bidders will be able to post questions and bid on the projects. 

The programmer for this project must have lots of excellent feedback to be chosen.  

Along with a bidding system it should also include:  1) customers can post the project along with pictures and video if necessary and the site needs to limit the number of pictures and video and compress them on client side 

2) bidders can post questions and comments about the project and their bid amount, and the questions and bid amounts should be visible on the project page to everyone, not just the customer

3) a flagging system should be added, so if a customer posts an inappropriate project or a bidder makes an inappropriate comment it can be flagged and a email will be sent to admin with a link to the project for review

4) some sort of administration page so projects can be removed, updated by admin, etc

5) messaging system between customers and bidders 

6) customers can update a project to add additional information, pictures or videos at a later time

7) customers can escrow amounts on the site and offer milestones similar to freelancer

8) a dispute resolution process, where customers would post the issue, bidder can respond and work out the situation or decide if it needs to be escalated to arbitration, possibly for a fee

9) profile pages for customers and bidders, similar to ebay profile pages, where it displays a customized page for the user along with feedback.  Profile pages should offer templates and be easily customizable with a CMS or similar easy to use WYSIWYG system, like a personalized website for the freelancers, where they can display photos of their previous projects, show reviews and feedback.

10) I have another programmer who created the site. You will be working with him to replace the current site with the new one

11) in addition to bidding on projects, customers can create a "buy it now" type of project where the price is set based on the features the customer selected and the project is assigned to the first bidder to accept the project 

12) I know there are already scripts out there, a search resulted in dozens of similar projects, many are free. If you would like to use one of these existing scripts and customize it that would be acceptable

13) the current website already has customers. The winner of this project will need to transfer them to the new system.  The other programmer can help with that, but you may need to write a custom script to transfer them 

14) the current website has a identity verification process already in place to prevent multiple accounts. The winner of this project will need to work with the other programmer on integrating the existing identity verification process in with the new bidding system.

15) programmers that submit working demos of bidding sites will be considered first.

16)  a smartphone friendly website should be created where users can login and create limited projects, view existing projects and view, create and reply to messages

I would like this project completed within a few weeks

the programmer hired for this project may be used for other projects in the future depending on how well they do on this project and how much their bid is. I have hired several programmer online before and I always go back to them first on projects to see if they want it before posting it on here. They were all busy with other projects so I put this project on here.