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4/27/17 7:09 PM

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Bitcoins programmers, web/android app devlopers wanted.

I would like to work with a programmer in creating a bitcoin wallet that automatically forwards payments.

Ideally I would like a system that allows users to log into an account, create a depositing address, assign the address to the one the payment is to be forwarded too or the percentage owed to each. 

This automatic system I would like set up so one need not manage their own funds manually.

Rather, when a deposit address is assigned and a forwarded address is again assigned to the deposit address, an automated system would split the deposit payment (money incoming) by the amount of forwarded address' (outgoing payments) id est the amount or percentage split owed to each.

Ideally I would like to choose, to forwarded a specific amount (if enough is deposited) or percentage.


Sally receives payment on her deposit address for the sale of an item lets say a pencil, sold in her shop, with the payment split so that she receives the profit margin she considers worthy, (£0.10) while the amount the item would have otherwise cost her - it's wholesale price; £0.10 - would be forwarded to the wholesaler who sold her the item as a form of credit - to be paid back when the item is eventually sold. Such is conveniently a 50/50 split, although I would like it split by up too 10 amounts.

Sally could set up such a system for herself. In giving each item she sells a deposit address, she can receive payment along side the wholesaler when the item is sold, avoiding complicating bookkeeping let alone an accountant since she only now need consider if all her items sold, id est that all the items she recieved as a form of credit where sold on and therefore repaid, covering the difference if an item where stolen, lost or broken.

Now Sally no longer needs to pay her wholesalers, at least not manually, indeed, it changes entirely the image we have of trade, each person paying the person before for the intended item witch is to be further developed, transported and eventually sold to the consumer. When in fact everyone could sell their item for a price - that being the cost of their due reposisibility in the life cycle of such aitem has from product conception to consumer sale.

This would eliminate various modes of payment intermittent of the item being created and sold.

Now onviously for a product such as a pencil this idea could be used in all forms or production, from the mining of the graphite to the production of the paint, rubber, wood, and aluminium from various parts of the world, to eventually being sold as a unit, paying all parties independently the moment the item is sold, having olny been acredited before hand. Alternatively this system could be built upon itself, with the deposit payment of the consumer being split, and split again down the line.

This system would set to lower the amount of transactions taken place, avoid all human error, with perhaps just one automated payment system doing the job of all intermittent payments provided the concept being sold was provided as credit by each member in advance of payment.

The logic of this system is simple.

I would love the opportunity to talk more on the prospect of an automated payment system with a programmer who knows their way sufficiently around the bitcoin system protocol.

In turn discussing a charge for the service, since I know not how much this is likely to cost, quotes would be appreciated. 

I would like to combine a fee (of as little as 0.20%) into the service provided by such a program so a sufficient split maybe spoken about. In turn using this forwarding payment system (FPS) I assume can be set up to pay ourselves, myself and whomever contributes services.

Please email me for further discussion.

Kind regards

Eduard J. B.