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Budget (€) :

Small project <800

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7/25/12 3:26 PM

This project is in progress

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Frontpage, login, register user, contact us. 

Hi, I will explain how the toplist will work! When you log in, you should be able to enter the URL of your blog then you wiill get an HTML code that you can post on your blog. that trackes how many visitors you have on the blog. These visitors will be shown on the front page of the website.

How the shout will work : When you`re going to shout posts you`re come in on a PHP page that you fill in, category, title to the post max 50 characters, the post URL, post description name.
Send buttom.
When you post it will be on the front page of the website, the user clicks a link bar with the posts' names
Shouting will be able for everyone who make an account, topplist will also be able for everyone!

I will describe the rest later. Easy setup