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need the development of a board game that will follow the rules below


  1. Use a 12 x 8 board with the starting arrangement as shown in the attached file
  2. Black plays first.
  3. All pieces may move any number of spaces in the horizontal or vertical direction.
  4. A single stone is captured if it is surrounded on two opposite sides.
  5. The outside walls cannot be used to capture men.
  6. A stone in the corner can be captured by two stones placed across the corner.
  7. Multiple stones can be captured along a line.
  8. The king (or dux) cannot be captured but can be immobilized by being surrounded on all four sides.
  9. First player to immobilize the enemy king wins.
  10. The king is immobilized if it is blocked by an enemy stone such that it has no place left to move.
  11. If the game stalemates, the player with the most captured enemy stones wins.
  12. Sequences of plays that repeat endlessly must be prohibited (this is usually obvious to both players after two series of moves repeats -- any move initiating a third repeating series of moves is illegal).
  13. Players must announce when they 'squeeze' a stone in-between enemy stones (to avoid any later dispute).


a. two players play or

b, one against the computer

c. colors are black and white

d. runs on windows 7 PC