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2/9/12 11:43 AM

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We organize IT conferences and run websites for each conference. We use Joomla. Our site should be renewed as well as the logo "camel head" should be renewed.

The conference 'CamelCaseCon: groovy' is a conference about the programming language Groovy. The target group is mostly male, age between 20 - 60, professional, IT specialists. The language Groovy is a programming language based on the Java Virtual Machine.

We want a clever and cool design but the design should not suggest a night club, a discotheque or a rock music festival. So it shouldn't be all black or the like. On the other hand we don't want the typical grey and blue business page either.

An important remark on the colour. On our existing website you will find the camel head in a certain blue. This is the blue of the Groovy Logo which is freely available (link and information Wikipedia on the left site of the page:

The Groovy Logo should be found on the page.

The menu links to the pages that show the typical conference content:

1. detailed information on the speaker, the talk or workshop, a picture and a short CV.

2. registration by pdf or by online registration form

3. Imprint

4. Presentations from former conferences

The page will be run by us and we are able to create menus and content.

The page will be in German and English.

Further we would like to have the logo 'Camel Head' renewed. But the camel itself shall remain for it has to do with the CamelCase way of writing in programming languages.

I quote from Wikipedia: CamelCase (or camel case), also known as medial capitals,">[1] is the practice of writing">compound words or phrases in which the elements are joined without">spaces, with each element's initial letter">capitalized within the compound and the first letter either upper or lower case—as in "">LaBelle", "BackColor", "">iPod", or "">GaGa". The name comes from the uppercase "bumps" in the middle of the compound word, suggestive of the humps of a">camel. The practice is known by">many other names, the commonest of which is">Pascal case for upper camel case.

end of quotation.