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Small project <800

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1/1/12 12:00 AM

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I need to realize a small application that let the user shift from one Cartesian Coordinate System (CCS) into a second one that is translated and rotated of an angle that is not known at the beginning.


Angle is determined by user calibration in this way.

One Window shows the basic CCS called "Trackable Area" (AT).  AT is a graphic clickable region in the form. By clicking on it a couple of coordinates of that point is showed by the window. That happens each time the user clicks above that area. 


A second Window shows the rotated CCS from AT by an angle "alpha". 

First windows has a button to allow the user "calibrate" a second CCS called "Plancia" (PL). Again PL is a graphic region of the form where the user can click over it.

"Calibration" is a process in which the user is asked to click into AT region to issue versors able to determine the new PL CCS and consequently to issue coordinates into it.

Calibration is started clicked a button with that name on AT windows. By pressing that button the user is prompted to click 4 points inside graphical AT region. Those 4 points are to determinate a first is free but the three following ones are not totally "free"..gray lines help the user to address following ones.


After calibration is ended new PL system is created.

Then user can click over graphical regions of the windows and the application should change coordinates from one system into another.


Project is really simple.

It only requires two windows, few buttons and mathematical formulas to translate and rotate systems of coordinates..maybe with matrixes.

Further descriptions will follow within few days