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5/11/11 2:45 PM



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Romaltruista is a non-profit association, member of the hands on network (">, which aims to inspire, equip and mobilize people to take action that changes the world. To do so, Romaltruista creates, in partnership with other non-profits, volunteering opportunities that are 100% flexible and outside business hours, and makes these opportunities visible through its web site. Romaltruista volunteers, mostly busy professionals, can then search for these opportunities online based on different parameters (day/time/location etc) and sign up online.


 The web site is therefore a key element of Romaltruista’s strategy.

In summary, the changes to are as follows:

  • Registration process: change to the fields required, implementation of email confirmation and captcha
  • Site captains management: these are the volunteers that are in charge of a specific volunteering event. Currently, their details are held on a separate table. We want the “site captain” status to become a flag on the main user table. This affects a number of different ASPs.
  • Project sign-up: we want to change the information that is displayed to users who want to sign up to a project, and differentiate the information whether the user is registered, not registered, or site captain. We also want to change some of the checks that are performed before registration and cancellation. Finally, we want to include links to publish the info on facebook and twitter.
  • Attendance confirmation: we want to create a functionality for site captains and administrators to store the information whether a user who has signed up has actually attended a volunteering event.
  • Back office: we want to change the fields that are displayed in some tables of the back office management system to make the system more user friendly, and we want to change the way some data related to address and location is stored to simplify data input and save errors.

See attached document for more details.