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Small project <800

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10/11/14 4:31 PM

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I have a new web design for my new company. It has a lot of javascripts. It doesn't run in IE8 downwards, It loads slow. i need someone to clean the code and to make adjustments so it loads first only a slideshow and the rest in the background. Also some minor adjustments for the mobile devices with width. The HTML5 player only plays in the main page, but not in iframes. I live in Mexico, so the budget is really low. Let's see what I can afford. I need it ASAP since another web designer didn't submit.

The HTLM5 player has a flash fallback. Don't worry. videoJS is already coded and doesn't need adjustments.

Also again:

NO NEED FOR IE6 and IE7. IE8 compatibility is ok and this is just about finding the error in the code, because the original template was compatible.


PLEASE, if you bid, read the entire description!!!!

Ok. I understand that IE6 and IE7 is not HTML5 nor CSS3 ready. IE8 only would be ok then... that was actually what I was looking for. IE6 and IE7 is a little to outdated. LOL.

List of work that has to be done:


1. IE6 to IE8 compatibility (it was working before, something went wrong, but this should be a small issue)

2. Slideshow on the landing page (above the fold) has to be independent and must load first. Once loaded, the rest can load in the background. This is mostly to achieve a fast loading of the page.

3. Responsive CSS needs to be adjustet to width for all mobile devices. On some devices in horizontal view, it doesn't work.

4. HTML5 player videoJS must work also in portfolios iframes. Now it only works within the main page.

5. Clean up. Nothing wild, just a check up for not needed code.

This is the new page:

It comes from a template called newave and was adjusted to our needings.

Note: The design is responsive and uses parralax.