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Create two excel spreadsheets according to the instructions below: (Data is contained in the attached documents. Please use the data in the attached sheets and preform a what if analysis and send back the two excel documents containing the what if analyses.)



1..    At a chip manufacturing plant, four technicians (A, B, C, and D) produce three products (products 1, 2, and 3). The chip manufacturer can sell 80 units of product 1 this month, 50 units of product 2, and at most 50 units of product 3. Technician A can make only products 1 and 3. Technician B can make only products 1 and 2. Technician C can make only product 3. Technician D can make only product 2. For each unit produced, the products contribute the following profit: product 1, $6; product 2, $7; product 3, $10. The time (in hours) each technician needs to manufacture a product is as follows:


Each technician can work up to 120 hours per month. How can the chip manufacturer maximize its monthly profit?


2.    A computer manufacturing plant produces mice, keyboards, and video game joysticks. The per-unit profit, per-unit labor usage, monthly demand, and per-unit machine-time usage are given in the following table:

Each month, a total of 13,000 labor hours and 3000 hours of machine time are available. How can the manufacturer maximize its monthly profit contribution from the plant ?