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Small project <800

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10/28/12 12:26 AM

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We want to show the last 5 positive reviews of an Ebay Account into a Box of a xtcModified Shop System (xtcmodified is a development of xt:Commerce which was a development of osCommerce).

You will write a PHP Script which connects via SOAP to Ebay, ask for the last 5 reviews of this account and write it into a new table of the shop database. If an assessment is negative or neutral, it is deleted from the database and the next one is asked via the connection. If the script is started and there are reviews in the database they will be overwritten by the 5 newest (even with the "no negative or neutrale rule").

In the Frontend of the Shop you will show 1 of these 5 reviews by random.

What more?

- the script must not be encrypted

- you will get an online shop system where you can practise and build your script.

- when the script works you will send us the list of files you changed and added and database tables you changed and added.