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8/13/12 12:59 PM

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There are around 4-5 normal pages to be done and then another 4-5 easy thank you pages and confirmation pages. I already have a coder. 
Uploaded pictures are what we have done so far. We need some more ideas, examples to this, better design and so on. 


Company fantasi name: Mobilephone locker


Mobilephone locker is just a made up name. Not the real company name. 
Mobilephone locker is a service to help people when their phone is stolen or lost. We take over all the problems and costs that come with loosing your phone. Such as blocking your phone, getting a new sim-card and filing a police report. 
We have two options: a Single package (get our service for one phone) or Family package (get our service for three to five phones in one household).
More detailed information about site. 
- Header (logo) + menu (Home, Register, Customer service) So far)
- Banner (fixed) with image + text - could be a slide with 3 slides
- Product one + product two  (images and text) (should be clickable an direct to where the customer can register)
- Footer (Why choose us? Strong arguments. Business partners)
-Somewhere on this page has to be the phone number our members can call to block their phone. This number has to visible in the same place on all the pages of de website. 
- Header (logo) + menu (Home, Register, About us, Customer service)
- Banner (fixed) with image and text of the product the customer has clicked on at the homepage (product one or two)
Should be easy to shift between product one and two.
Customize your product 
- Customize your product (4 fields)
-Personal info (name, personal-id number, e-mail address, address, phone number, provider, brand of phone, model of phone, serial number) For the brand of phone there has to be a drop down menu with options and for the model of phone there has to be a drop down menu with model options that belong to the selected brand.
If the customer has chosen product number two (Family package) they can fill in information for three phones. Only the ‘main’ customer has to fill in their address, because the others will have the same address since they live in the same house.
So, user number two and three only have to fill in the following information:
Name, personal-id number, phone number, provider, brand of phone, model of phone, serial number (e-mail address optional)
There has to be an option to upgrade to a fourth and fifth user.
Promotion codes
-Option to fill in a promotion code (we can do a deal where the customer gets six months for 
free or something like that)
-Option to fill in ‘tipped by a friend that’s a member’. This has to be a number. 
We want to do a promotion like: Make a friend a member and get a discount. If the new customer fills in the personal number of the friend that tipped him we have to be able to check if this person is actually a number.
Pay per month
Pay per six months
Pay per year
(If you pay per six months, its’s cheaper then paying per month, and if you per year it’s cheaper than paying per six months).
After the customer clicks ‘Register’ there has to appear a new screen (website fades and little screen pops up maybe?) where it says something like: Congratulations! You are now a member. We have send you a confirmation e-mail.
I’d like there to be a button on this screen with ‘Share on Facebook’  or ‘ Show you are a member on Facebook’