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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

Posted on

5/30/12 4:21 PM

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We need a simple gaming iphone app.

The app will be very similar to this one:">

User will see a set of camuffed images and  for each one he will have the ability to try to guess the content of the picture, if right he'll gets points, if wrong can try again. User can ask for helps (3 for each pic/key), but these help will require coins. User can get coins by answering other question right or by paying tham via an in app purchase.

User can pay an x amount of coin to solve the picture/key he do not understend even with helps.

After dicovdring 75% of the content of the pictures user is granted access to the next level.

App uses gamecenter to track user achievments and also integrates Beintoo to deliver coupons and prizes every time user unlock a new level.

App has a classic bottom banner space.

PSD of the app will be given by us.

We should have a backend to upload images by level, correct keyword associated and 3 helps.