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We are a group of nutritionists who are concerned with diet plans for about 10 years for the majormetabolic diseases.

We are looking for help in creating a web site, where the patient will find all necessary information on a healthy diet but also a tool for our activities in order to follow our patients from a distance but REAL can also take new patients from the WEB.

So our site will also offer services that you can buy from the site as:  


Here is the plot development with the corrections made.

The key thing that the application will be developed for the market ITALIAN then in Italian with our support for the translation and in English for the American market.

So you will develop the application in ENGLISH and then we will send you the translation of all texts in Italian. When the patient will buy APPLICATION buy a month of diet assisted by the application. At the end of the month, paying with the system app-purchase will buy the second month at a price lower than buying the same course.


Importantly, the diet program that will be purchased next course will be theearlier of continuuazione then to continue to lose weight the patient must be less than about 200 calories. In the sense that if the patient's BMI in relation to the combination of meals(breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be the first diet 1800 kcal, 1600kcal will be the next. Obviously, these parameters can be set by us so that your work is as easy as possible.  

 The data that will put the patient on the first screen are: - Name - Surname - Age - Weight - Height (in the app automatically calculates BMI) - Type of work - Type of physical activity - Pathology (diabetes-hypertension-cholesterol, etc. ..)  

The data that will put the patient on the second screen are:  - Breakfast timetable: 7.00 or 8.30 ore 9.00 ( it is an example) - Choices for breakfast: Just coffee - cookies and milk - yogurt, cereal - anything - fruit juice  - Lunch Time: 12.30 or 13.00 or 14.00  ( it is an example) Lunch Choices Away ( sandwich or transport lunch) - Home If he choose Home he compiled also the meal: If the patient chooses lunch at home must also choose the preferences of the dishes. How many times eaten per week: - Legumes - Vegetables with Pasta - Pasta with tomato sauce - Rice - soup  Dinner Hours: 20.00 or 20.30 or 21.00 ( it is an example) - Dinner Choices Pasta -

First course and main course  lunch and dinner included the application will select the best choices from the database for the patient.

Then the application will select 4 different breakfasts that will alternate in the 7 days a week, 7different meals if the patient will have lunch at home or 7 differentrecipes for sandwiches if you dine outside the home and 5 / 7dinners, of course, the ap-plication must also consider thefrequency weekly certain foods that are essen-tial for proper nutrition.


For example, the fish should be placed at least 3 times a week, red meat once a week legumes at least 2 times a week.Based on the-se indications will be crossed by the application with the data and the habits of the patient will process the application specific diet for the patient which will dif-fer in relationto BMI only for quantity.

For example, a patient who has a BMI of 34 kg/m2 and 20 kg will have to spend a portion of 100 grams ofpulses, while a patient who has a BMI of 27 kg/m2, which willlose 15 kg will have a portion of 70 g. pulses. Same thing for the fish. Patient with BMI of 35 will have a portion of fish of 250grams while a patient with BMI 28 has a portion of fish of 150grams. I hope everything is clear.