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Budget (€) :

800 - 1,500

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3/13/17 4:03 PM

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We're a small (tiny really) 2 person UK based company looking for a fellow tech head to join us in creating a small, stand alone part of our systems.

We need someone with a good understanding of basic C Style constructs, albeit in PHP, and is used to working with cURL to grab some API data.

We think the project isn't complex but it does have a few nested loops and needs the data recorded and stored in MySQL DB, so working out the structure and understanding relationships between them is also important.

So... onto the work itself..

1. Grab some input from a user. It could be given at the command line or via a web page, the truth is we're fine with either.... a CLI or web based app, you decide!

2. Take that input and go and sling it over the interwebz (probably using cURL via PHP) to a well documented and stable API end point. Collect that data and store it, as you'll need it in a second :)

3. For each of the bits of data returned at #2. go and throw some more 1's and 0's over the web to another (related) API end point and get that data stored!

4. With each of the results from 3, we need to expand further and take some of that information and run through a very poorly documented yet well structured and stable API. Store that info baby!

5. Run some code in PHP based on a public and open source library to determine a result. I know this sounds obtuse, and that's partly by design, but there is example code included and it's literally under 5 lines long and works very well indeed.

You will however be doing this quite often on all the results we've got above. Record the info!!

And that's it.... 

It'd be nice if there was a CSV download of the data available or simply echoing it out and I can pipe it to wherever I want. Of course this partly depends on whether you go the CLI or web route... the decision of which is still for you to make....

There may be lots of other work like this if we get on, but there may not be. We truly need this taken care of and happy to pay, but if we find a good working relationship and communication works well then this may progress to something more meaningful.

I'm not saying this is a swipe right -v- swipe left kind of deal, but you never know!

P.S. Because of the proliferation of bots, built by people like us, but purely for these kind of sites to auto bid.... and me not wanting to have a bot do the code for us, but a real person.... could you please tell me your favourite song in the first line of your response?

It helps me weed out the bots from those that truly read to the end.... thanks